Nine Sols Game Review

This single-player adventure game takes place in a parallel universe where a long-forgotten hero is revived by a human child, who has sparked his vengeance quest. To survive, he must learn how to use a new combat system, which includes deflection and close-range encounters, as well as the expected platforming staples. According to the game’s FAQ, Nine Sols will offer players between ten and fifteen hours of gameplay. Release dates are set for April to June 2023.

Red Candle Games

Taiwanese studio Red Candle Games has launched a crowdfunding campaign for their upcoming action-platformer Nine Sols. The game will be inspired by combat-heavy games such as Sekiro and Hollow Knight. Players will take on the role of a legendary hero named Yi. He must defeat nine alien warlords and restore peace to the world. It will feature hand-drawn animation and dynamic 2D action.

In order to complete the story, Yi must face the nine Sols, who manifest themselves as large bosses ranging in size, shape, and personality. A new game mode will let players play through the story mode, with cutscenes, hidden bosses, and other unique features. The developers have already secured funding for the project, and expect to release the game sometime in the second quarter of 2023.

The game will be released on PC, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, with a beta version available for supporters earlier this year. Nine Sols will also be available for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation consoles. Its Crowdsourcing campaign has already reached its first stretch goal of $210,000. Ultimately, the game will include a story mode, a softer difficulty setting for non-hardcore players, and additional bosses.

As the developer of the game, Red Candle Games has proven its ability in creating chaotic worlds. It was founded in 2015 by six people and released its first game, Detention. This game merged Taiwanese, East Asian, and religious influences. It was an immediate hit with critics and won numerous awards. It also has multiplayer modes. One of the most notable features of the game is its ability to switch between first-person and third-person perspectives, which is unique to the Red Candle games genre.


As a fan of From Software’s games, you may be excited to see how the new Sekiro game will change the genre. The game is based on the Shinobi, or warrior class, and rewards aggressive offensive maneuvers. To break your opponent’s posture, use a perfectly timed parry, counterattack, or flurry of blows. This will give you the upper hand and give you the ability to unleash deadly attacks.

Players will face a brutal fight in Feudal Japan in this third-person action-adventure game. The game is set during the late 1500s Sengoku period when constant conflict reigned in Japan. Players will use a variety of weapons and skills to survive the fight and exact vengeance on their archenemy. In addition to sword-based combat and stealth combat, Sekiro will also feature a variety of equipment that will help them succeed in their mission.

The new game will include stealth elements, as well as other features that will make it difficult to predict which enemies will appear where. The game is set to release in early 2019, so fans of the series should keep an eye out for its release date. Once released, Sekiro will be the most popular action game ever. It will be released on March 22 on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Unlike other games, it will allow players to play as a masked or undetectable character.

Another exciting feature in Sekiro is the ability to modify your weapons and accessories. Your protagonist is disabled and cannot move without his arm, but she has the ability to use various prosthetic devices, including a grappling hook. As a result, her weapons are both more powerful and versatile. The “Prosthetic Tool” is similar to the Trick Weapons found in Bloodborne. Users can customize their tools to suit their needs.

Hollow Knight

In the summer of 2023, Red Candle Games will release its next action-platformer, Hollow Knight in Nine Sols. The game will be inspired by the worlds of Katana Zero and Sekiro and will feature a unique hand-drawn animation style. Players will control a young hero named Yi as he journeys through a colorful land. As he discovers secrets and fights the divine rulers, he will have to find the answers he seeks.

In this 2D action-platformer, players will experience combat in a Sekiro-inspired style. The world of Nine Sols is ruled by a race of ancient aliens known as the Nine Sols. The sequel to the popular Devotion is set in an eastern fantasy world. The game will feature new powers and ancient secrets and will feature the protagonist’s lethal hunter, Hornet.

The video game industry is set to release several new games in 2023. Those with access to Xbox Game Pass are set to receive bonuses for games like Diablo III and Valiant. Those with a PC or Mac can also look forward to new content from a new title, A Plague Tale: Requiem. The game is due out on September 2023. It will also launch on Xbox Game Pass on day one.

The game features many enemies and bosses with unique fighting styles, which makes it a challenging game to play. Players will have to learn to master the core rhythm and mechanics of the game to defeat the various enemies. They will also gain access to new passive abilities and skills. In addition to unlocking new skills, players will earn Jin, a rare metal used in New Kunlun’s currency. Once they earn enough Jin, they can also customize existing equipment.

Katana Zero

Nine Sols is an upcoming side-scrolling action game set in a Taopunk universe. Developers from Taiwan’s Red Candle Games claim that the game was inspired by the games Katana Zero, Sekiro, and Hollow Knight. The game will feature deflection-focused combat and immersive storytelling within a futuristic world. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the game’s gameplay, which looks to fit with the game’s to punk and cyberpunk themes.

Katana Zero begins with a simple level, where you have to defeat all the enemies that come in your way. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to plan out your attacks on each level, and progress to the next level. In each stage, enemies follow the same path when given the same stimulus. To slow down time, you can aim your attacks to target the most enemies.

Time manipulation mechanics aren’t new to video games, but Katana ZERO integrates them seamlessly into the game’s combat. Although the team behind this indie game is small, the developers were able to deliver a fully-functional game after the launch. Moreover, they released an update free of charge to fix bugs and add a pet for the in-game chat.

When the game’s story begins, Zero is assigned to kill a wealthy industrialist, Al-Qasim. However, while tracking V, he encounters a woman named Snow, who threatens him and steals him. Eventually, Zero kills Snow, who escapes with V. Zero, and then encounters two other characters, Comedy and Tragedy, who are wearing theater masks. They taunt Zero about an impending catastrophe.

Nine Sols

Red Candle Games has just released a demo for its upcoming game Nine Sols. Featuring intense combat, immersive storytelling, and a Taopunk setting, Nine Sols takes the genre of platforming to a whole new level. The game takes place in an ancient civilization called Nine Sols, a world with a mysterious history and a taopunk aesthetic. Nine Sols’ demo is available on Steam and weighs approximately 2.01 GB. The developer has also released a crowdfunding campaign in order to promote the game.

The teaser trailer for the upcoming game, called Nine Sols, features both classic platforming and Sekiro-style combat. In Nine Sols, players will follow Yi on a vengeful quest against the nine Sols, the fearful rulers of land that is inhabited by ancient alien races. Aside from the combat, Nine Sols also features exploration based on classic platforming techniques.

Besides the Kickstarter campaign, Red Candle is also acquiring PlayStation and Nintendo Switch devkits for Nine Sols. They have raised almost two hundred and forty-four thousand dollars, which is well over half of their goal. The game’s first stretch goal is $210,000, and this will include a story mode, an easier difficulty setting for non-hardcore players, a new cutscene, an alternate ending, additional bosses, and more.

As a Kickstarter campaign, Red Candle Games is hoping to reach its goal of three million Taiwanese dollars in twenty-four hours. The game’s crowdfunding campaign will allow them to solicit feedback from players while in development. It also includes several interesting stretch goals, which may attract backers. If Nine Sols is as exciting as Red Candle promises, it’s definitely worth backing. The crowdfunding campaign is a great way for a developer to gauge how the market reacts to their game.

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