Pragmata 2023 is Coming to Next Gen Consoles in 2023

In CES 2020, Sony announced three new games in the PS5 lineup, including Stray, Forspoken, and Ghostwire Tokyo. The live stream also mentioned Pragmata. The game was never officially announced, but Capcom had no hard confirmation of the delay. Ultimately, the game is set to be released on PS5, PC, and Xbox Series XS. Read on to learn more about the delay and its release date.

Capcom delays sci-fi adventure game Pragmata 2023

Originally scheduled to launch in 2022, Capcom has delayed the release date of the sci-fi adventure game to 2023. The delay is a sign that the developers want to give gamers a truly unique experience. The sci-fi adventure game will feature cutting-edge visuals and features that take advantage of next-generation platforms. Capcom’s tweet also announced that the developer hired new talent for the game’s development.

The developers of Pragmata have said that they will continue to work on the game. They just need more time to get it right. The developer’s official Twitter account announced the delay with a strange video featuring the blonde-haired character from the first trailer. The girl holds a board with the date 2022 crossed out on it and the word “Sorry” written on it.

The game’s delay was announced during Sony’s CES 2021 press conference, but it was not immediately clear when the delay would occur. Capcom also released a new teaser trailer, as well as new artwork, to acknowledge the delay. Regardless of the cause, it’s clear that Capcom’s original schedule was not realistic. Despite the delays, Pragmata’s development team may have been hoping for a 2022 release date.

Despite its delay, the developer says it has been working hard on the game and felt that it deserved to be released sooner. The company also released a 30-second video announcing the delay, in which a blonde girl in a blue outfit holds a note with the dates 2022 and 2023 written on it. The word “sorry” appears underneath the video.


After a lengthy delay, the new trailer for Pragmata 2023 is here! This sci-fi game will star a female astronaut and the cat from the original trailer. The trailer shows a girl controlling her load out and manufacturing weaponry in her hip bag. But what’s so scary about this new creature? There’s a big twist coming at the end! Read on for more information!

When Pragmata was first announced in June 2020, it seemed like a Hideo Kojima production, with its sci-fi setting and cyborg cat. That trailer was followed by an apology from Capcom and delayed news from the development team. While the trailer didn’t reveal anything new, it does hint at the game’s story. In addition to a space-set dystopia, the game takes place in the future on Earth’s moon.

Its visual themes are distinctly odd and confusing, but that’s part of the charm. The trailer ended with a release date of 2022, but Capcom has already delayed the game into 2023. We’ll have more details on Pragmata once we see them! If you’re looking for a sci-fi RPG, keep an eye out for its trailer! It’s worth the wait!

The game has finally been delayed from the original 2022 release window. As a matter of fact, the game’s original release date was just a few months away from 2023, but that hasn’t stopped Capcom from revealing the new PS5 release date. Despite the delay, the game will launch in PC, Xbox Series XS, and PlayStation 5 versions. This makes Pragmata 2023 all the more exciting!


The new art for the upcoming Pragmata video game has been released! This futuristic action game is now scheduled to be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC sometime in 2023! This mysterious narrative adventure was originally set for release in 2022, but has now been delayed until 2023! Previously, the game was due for release in 2022, but it’s now expected to arrive at least two years sooner, in 2023!

Originally scheduled for release in 2022, Capcom has announced that they have delayed the game until 2023. The delay was accidentally revealed during Sony’s CES 2021 press conference, but now we have a new release date for the game: 2023! What a difference five years makes! But a delay is definitely better than no delay at all! Besides being great news for fans, Pragmata will have more content than ever, and the new art is absolutely stunning!

Initially announced during the PlayStation 5 reveal event in June 2020, Pragmata is set in the future where an astronaut walks through a city, encounters a small girl, and then discovers that a satellite has crashed in the city. As a result, the astronaut and the little girl must use strange equipment to enter space. It’s unclear if the game will have more than five protagonists, but it does have several playable characters.

Release date

The release date of Pragmata is still unclear, but Sony’s sizzle reel for the CES 2021 event suggests a 2023 release. Meanwhile, the official website states that the game will be launched in 2022. However, we cannot rule out other possibilities. The game could still be delayed because of the Pandemic virus, so it’s difficult to know when it will launch. We will update you as soon as we learn more.

Pragmata is a highly anticipated new game that is due out in 2022. This game is now slated to be released for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC. The developer of the game is also hopeful to meet the 2022 release date, and the game has a few interesting facets. If Pragmata is a good experience, you should definitely look for a copy! However, if the release date is still too far away, you may want to wait for a few more years.

The game’s trailer also hinted at a 2020 release date. A young girl, a moon-suiting astronaut, and interstellar anomalies are just a few of the characters in the trailer. Other elements of the trailer have yet to be revealed, but we can expect a release date in 2023. Capcom also tweeted an apology for the delay. This delayed news has led to speculation over the game’s future.

Capcom is rethinking the launch of Pragmata. The game had originally been slated for a 2022 release window, but Sony has shifted the release date until 2023. Meanwhile, Capcom posted a new in-engine video clip, showing the little girl from the original trailer, staring a whiteboard slate with the new release window. In the meantime, we can expect new artwork for the game.

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